What is a Driving Simulator

The driving simulator is a measure to further prepare candidates who are trying to get the driver’s licence. Of course there are some positive and negative factors for all of this, but overall it is a great way to pass even more security on to those who are about to go out on the street with a car.

This is really great news, and it’s pretty simple to explain what that driving simulator is. The truth is that if you have played some car racing game or something, you will certainly become very familiar with it and believe that you do not even want to finish classes so early. It is very similar to a video game, but will be a way to train students to the most diverse situations of traffic before going out to the street.

In the driver training simulator you will find the same things as a normal car, such as steering wheel, gears, pedals, seat belts, arrows and a few more things. However, the strength of this new equipment is that everything will be recorded, so you should also go through the biometric process, that is, every day you have to put your little finger to mark the presence.

How are the classes rated in the simulator?

Now that you know more or less what a driving simulator is, I want to tell you something that will make you a little happier. You know what it is? So let me explain: Even if you can not drive well on the simulator, know that you will not be disapproved because it will not be used as an assessment, but only as a pre-training for those who will take the first qualification in category B.

In total you will pass 5 lessons of 30 minutes each and these classes will be done after the end of the theoretical classes. So before you head out onto the street and drive a real car, you will pass the lessons in the driving simulator to gain a better sense and also go through some very interesting traffic situations like rain, fog, sawmill and more.

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