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Make Money at Home by Blogging

Blogging could be very profitable , if you monetize your blog with different kinds of ad programs. I am going to tell you 15 easy ways to monetize your blog to generate more revenue from blogging. This article will help you to monetize your blog easily. You don’t need to worry about making more money online, if you apply these ways. Okay first, I will talk about how people make money by blogging.

If you are a beginner, I would recommend you to choose free blogging to learn some basic steps. Don’t worry, you will also be able to make money online with free blogging. First you have to write articles on your blog, after writing useful articles, you have to start sharing content on social networking sites and social bookmarking websites, so that more people can come to your articles easily. When your articles start to receive traffic from social media sites and search engine traffic, you can monetize your blog with these methods.

Easy Ways To Monetize Your Blog

If your site gets at least 500 to 1000 unique visitors, you can generate sufficient income from your blog. Targeted visitors can give you 10 times better revenue from blogging. But if you are new to blogging and don’t know how to do all of these works, I would recommend you to create free blog (hub) in , because hubpages allows users to make money online easily by writing just simple articles. You don’t need to worry about monetizing , hubpages monetizes your articles so that you can generate huge revenue. Okay now I am going to tell you 15 easy ways to monetize your blog that will help you to generate passive income.

Use CPC Ad network: Many bloggers use cpc ( Cost Per Click) ad network to monetize their site, because this is the easiest method of monetizing your blog, whenever someone clicks on your ads, you will be paid by advertisers through online advertising network. There are over than thousands cpc ad networks on the web but all of them don’t pay you high rate on each click so if you want to make sufficient money online , you should choose only popular ad networks such Google Adsense , chitika etc.

Making money via cpc ad network depends on the clicks on your ads, so placement of ads is the main thing of monetizing your blog. Most of ad networks pay you $0.03 to $0.30 for each click but when if you use Google Adsense, you can get up to $10 for each click. Sometimes Google pays more than $10 but it depends on the topic of your blog, because if you write articles on entertainment or news , you cannot get high cpc rate but when you write articles on investments or real estates , you can get up to $15 to $20 cpc rate.

Usually Google Pays $0.30 to $ 1 per click. If you don’t have a Google Adsense account, you can apply for it directly but many site owners are declined by Google Adsense Team, so If you want to get quick approval, you can apply for it through third party websites such as – hubpages, indyarocks etc. It will help you to get approval quickly. You can also use chitika ads that pays also high rate on each click.Okay here I have listed some popular ad networks, you may try anyone of these:

  • Google Adsense
  • Chitika
  • Clicksor
  • Bidvertiser
  • Adbrite
  • Adhitz
  • Adengage

Use CPM Ad network : Using cpm ad network ( Cost per mile ) can give you extra income and if your site generates high amount of pageviews, you must monetize your site with one popular cpm ad network. CPM online ad network pays to bloggers or site owners on ad impression basis instead of generating clicks on ads. Usually a popular cpm ad network pays $2 to $3 per thousand page views but in some cases , you can get up to $ 10 cpm rate. It depends on placement on ads, geographical location of your site visitors and the topic of your site.

In-text Ad networks: In-text ad networks also work great and you don’t need extra ad space to use these kinds of ads, because these ads appear within the texts of your articles as double underlined links, Although you can customize it so that these ads look like simple links. Here is the list of in-text ads serving ad networks:

Vibrant Media

Ads on Images: If you use images on articles, you can also monetize your images to generate more online revenue. Whenever someone mouse hovers on images, Ads will be displayed on your article’s images. This method works great if your site has lots of images. If you have a wallpaper site, this kind of ad will generate huge revenue from your published photos.

Affiliate Networks: Promoting affiliate programs could be more profitable than using only ad networks. When you promote high paying affiliate programs on your site, you can earn thousands of dollars per month. If you write reviews on your affiliate programs and put your affiliate links on the article, it would be more profitable than using banner ads.

Affiliate marketing can help you to make over thousand dollars month easily but the main factor is choosing high paying related affiliate programs for your blog, so that your visitors can visit and take action on your affiliate links. There is a great article on written by Briana Booker their expert writer about the best reputable and legit affiliate programs for you to join and you should check it out. When you join affiliate network, you can find thousands of affiliate programs. Affiliate network is a group of affiliate programs where you can find thousands of high paying affiliate programs which are based on CPA ( Cost per action ) , CPS ( Cost Per Sale) and CPL (Cost Per Lead).

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