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Cleaning Tips a Professional Maid will Use

The busy life that is experienced everyday can cause tremendous wear and tear on your body. There is so much to think about, from getting the kids to school and ballet or football practices to getting yourself to work and making dinner on time. If cleaning the house is thrown into the mix, the stress from this hectic life seems to spare no mercy. However, no one should have to live with the feeling of never being able to catch up. Having someone to come in and help is always an option that should be considered. A professional maid knows several little-known cleaning techniques to make a house look like new, reducing the stress level of almost any homeowner.

If walls could talk, they would probably scream for help. The collection of stains they have (crayon, marker, and that pesky residue left from stickers when the 3 year old decided to decorate the living room, all the way to the cooking experiment gone wrong by the 15 year old) can be extremely tough to get rid of. Yet, the paint is also extremely delicate and does not react well to harsh chemicals. A cleaning service professional knows just what to do to get those unsightly stains to disappear. A mixture of warm water and mild dish soap can tackle the food and several other stains that make it to the wall. Gentle scrubbing with a sponge or a dishcloth should do just the trick.

New puppies and kittens are adorable whenever you first bring them home, until the carpet stains come that is. Pet stains are some of the most difficult to remove. Many think that without renting expensive carpet cleaning contraptions, they will never be freed of the hideous yellow and brown spots on the carpet. A maid, however, uses a simpler, yet highly effective approach. He or she will use a bacteria/enzyme digester to help eat away at the stain. After it has done its magic, a solution of vinegar and water will help to neutralize any ammonia that may have been left from the stain.

Soap scum is a pain to get rid of. The only way to do it is with good, old-fashioned scrubbing. However, a maid knows how to prevent the soap scum from coming back. When he or she is cleaning a bathroom, they will wipe down the walls of the shower and tub to remove any moisture that may have collected from earlier in the day. This is a key step, as soap scum forms from those dried up water droplets. Next, lemon oil will be brushed onto the sides and walls to prevent build-up from settling in the future.

With the many cleaning techniques a maid knows, anyone’s house can look brand new again. Those hired through an agency are highly trained and extremely trustworthy. A cleaning professional not only provides cleaning services, but peace of mind and the added benefit of being able to spend more time with family.

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